Security Researcher

São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil · Information Security


About Nubank

Nubank is the leading fintech in Latin America. Using bleeding-edge technology, design and data, the company aims to fight complexity and empower people to take control of their finances. We are disrupting an outdated and bureaucratic system by building a simple, safe and 100% digital environment that addresses Brazilian customers’ needs with no paperwork, bank branches or inefficient call centers.

Our headquarter is located in São Paulo, Brazil, and we are also present in Berlin, Germany with an engineering office. With a team of over 1,400 of the most innovative professionals in technology, Nubank is dedicated to create an inclusive, international and challenging work environment.

What are some examples of problems a Security Researcher will solve?

Maintain technology-driven valuable solutions is a hard security problem. The ecosystem needs to be fully secured in order to not compromise any business strategy, products or client data. Information security researchers are responsible for addressing vulnerabilities and flaws in software, infrastructure and workflows. We consistently work with new technologies, and thus value professionals who are open to learning new things, regardless of preexisting comfort zones.

You might solve any of the following problems:

What is a typical day for a Security Researcher?

Security researchers work in developing new offensive techniques, finding new vulnerabilities (zero days), writing 1day exploits, and trying to bring the offensive team to the state of the art. Our working environment is open and diverse, and our offices have a broad mix of collaborative working spaces, quiet areas, leisure space, and workstations. We also have a flexible working journey.


You will fit well if:

Relevant Experience:


Competitive compensation package, including opportunity to earn equity ownership in Nubank
Health, dental and life insurance
Meal allowance ("vale refeição")
Flexibility to choose your own custom setup (computer, monitors, OS etc.)

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