Software Engineer - New Graduates - Recife

Recife, State of Pernambuco, Brazil · engineering


As the year begins, we've decided to publish a new opening for software engineers who have finished their studies within the last two years.

This time we will be visiting Recife and we're looking forward to meet anyone who wants to know more about Nubank and is interested on developing their knowledge and skills regarding software development.

How does it work?

Our recruiting event will be held at Impact Hub (Paço Alfândega) on Saturday, March 10th. Before the event, we will review your application. After that, you will be asked to deliver a code-development exercise and we will evaluate your submission considering also all information provided in our application form.

Make sure you will be available to attend the event (if you're selected) before sending your application.

It is important to state that even though the event will be held at Recife, the job opportunity is to work at headquarters in São Paulo and upon approval we support your relocation.

Recruiting steps

Why is software engineering important for Nubank?

Nubank is a technology company and software engineers form the bulk of our team. Our software team invents new features for our customers, as well as advanced analytics and machine learning models to continuously improve decision-making and streamline processes.

As a software engineer, you will have a meaningful chance to shape our architecture, processes and culture while working with state-of-the-art technologies. We believe in good team chemistry, enthusiasm for building things and the capacity to learn new things when we stay humble and open-minded.

Job Description

Shipping valuable features requires close coordination between DevOps, database, API, frontend, and mobile workstreams; Nubank engineers commonly pair and rotate focus between these responsibilities. We consistently work with new technologies, and thus value professionals who are open to learning new things, regardless of pre-existing comfort zones.

You might solve any of the following problems:


You will fit well if

What is a typical day for a software engineer?

Our teams work using agile frameworks to deliver great solutions for our customers. We emphasize pairing, controlling work-in-progress, and try to adapt our team structures and processes to suit the particular working styles of the engineers within those teams.

Our working environment is open and diverse, and our offices have a broad mix of collaborative working spaces, quiet areas, leisures space, and workstations. Overall, we want our engineers to be comfortable at work: we don’t have a dress code and you can work wearing shorts and flip-flops. We also have a pet-friendly office; you may bring your furry friend to work.


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