Data Infrastructure Engineer - Berlin

Berlin, Germany · engineering


What is Nubank?

We are the leading fintech in Latin America. We use leading edge technology, design and data, We are committed to fighting complexity and empowering Brazilians to take control of their finances. We are actively servicing millions of clients with an order of magnitude more prospective customers, for our mobile-controlled credit card product, since its launch on September 2014. With our head office located in the Pinheiros region of São Paulo and an engineering office located in Berlin, Nubank has raised USD 270 million in investment rounds led by Sequoia Capital, Founders Fund, Tiger Global, Kaszek Ventures, Goldman Sachs, QED Investors and DST Global.

Why is software engineering important for us?

We are a technology company, and software engineers form the bulk of our team. Our software team creates new features for our cardholder customers, as well as advanced analytics and machine learning models to continuously improve decision making and streamline processes.

What are some examples of problems a software engineer will solve?

The office in Berlin is currently centered around backend and data-infrastructure focused work. Shipping valuable features requires dealing with distributed applications, infrastructure, user facing API and production microservices; our engineers commonly rotate focus between these responsibilities. We consistently work with and explore new technologies, and thus value professionals who are open to learning new things, regardless of preexisting comfort zones. Nubank software engineers in Berlin might solve the following problems:

You will fit well if



Nubank’s new office in Berlin is an engineering office dedicated to serving the horizontal engineering needs of Nubank. As a satellite office we enjoy being small and nimble while still able to take advantage of the largess of Nubank and Nubank’s experience, structure, cultural foundations and sound practices. We are looking to staff this office with the best and brightest engineers.

We are looking for software engineers that are curious, enthusiastic, versatile, eager to learn, with a track record of creating efficient, scalable and accessible solutions, preferably in the domain of data infrastructure and tooling. We want engineers with a high degree of empathy for your users' problems and knows how to push initiatives forward and get things done. Engineers that want to have an impact in improving the quality of our customers’ lives.

Relevant Knowledge

You will have a meaningful chance to shape architecture, process, and culture while working with leading edge technologies. We believe in good inter and intra team chemistry, enthusiasm for building things, and exercising the surprising capacity to learn new things when we stay humble and open-minded. English language skills are essential.


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