Data Scientist - Intern

São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil


Why do we hire data scientists?

Nubank is a technology company that has set out to completely rethink financial services in Brazil. We need outstanding data scientists (and modelers, statisticians, AI practitioners, machine learning engineers) to build proprietary algorithms that predict responsiveness to marketing, credit risk, fraud likelihood and many other types of customer behavior to get us there.

Meet The Nubankers - Luam Totti:

What are some examples of problems a data scientist solves?

At Nubank, we don't shy away from using the latest and greatest machine learning algorithms and techniques; in fact, we encourage them. We have a rich dataset with natural language text, images, graphs, and much more, as well as more traditional sources of financial data. We also have an almost endless set of models to build, including everything from credit scoring to text tagging. Below are just a few of the problems a Nubank data scientist might face:


You will fit well if

We are excited to meet people with various areas of expertise (both experienced and college seniors) – there is no single ideal profile. We believe there is room for very diverse skill sets to make valuable contributions.

You will experience an early stage startup culture in a truly diverse and international environment. We believe in good team chemistry, flat hierarchy, enthusiasm for building things, and our surprising capacity to learn new things when we stay low ego and open-minded. A quantitative academic background with advanced degrees and English language proficiency are helpful.

Desired skills and experience

We are excited to meet data scientists with various areas of experience – there is no single ideal profile. We believe this position fits if some of the below points apply to you:



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