Systems Engineer (SRE/DevOps)

Sao Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil · engineering


Why is Software Engineering important for Nubank?

Nubank is a technology company, and software engineers form the bulk of our team. Also, our infrastructure is growing in sophistication, complexity, scale and particularly with respect to managing data for analysis and machine learning, robustness and observability. We are looking for engineers that can help with the challenges around provisioning and operating such architectures.

What are some examples of problems a Systems Engineer will solve?

Here at Nubank we treat infrastructure and operations as Software Engineering problems. It's expected of a Systems Engineer to have solid programming skills coupled with background on networks and operating systems. We consistently work with new technologies and thus value professionals who are open to learning new things, regardless of pre-existing comfort zones.

Some of the problems you'll encounter:


You will fit well if:

Relevant experiences:

You will have a meaningful chance to shape architecture, process, and culture while working with bleeding edge technologies. We believe in good team chemistry, enthusiasm for building things, and our surprising capacity to learn new things when we stay humble and open-minded. An engineering or computer science undergraduate degree and English language skills are helpful.


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